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Eve and Jeff, 10.21.15 

5 stars

We loved working with Reverend Caryl. She met with us and discussed what kind of ceremony we had. She then sent us a draft script of a ceremony she thought would fit what we wanted. She also allowed us to make suggestions for changes and additions. She worked with on multiple drafts until it was what we wanted. She was available to talk any time and we met in person and had several skype sessions. She is very kind and open-minded and can work with any type of wedding ceremony. We were blending several traditions into one ceremony and she was very willing to work with that on us. She also met with us on the day of the wedding and made sure the ceremony was the best part of the wedding. She was a smiling face in the midst of chaos. She kept everyone engaged and I think our ceremony was lively, unique, and special. I would recommend her for any wedding!

Chelsea and Justin, 5.6.17

5 stars

Rev. Caryl was such a joy to work with! She paid close attention to details and asked many questions to make sure we were all on the same page! She was ok time for every appointment and ver professional throughout all of our meetings. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant!

Julia and Roman, 10.15.16

5 stars

We are satisfied. Our offitiant provided professional, quick, pleasant ceremony! We liked she replied us right away and did everything in the best possible way. We are advising she to everybody:)

Sharon and Joel,  10.10.16

4.8 stars

Rev. Caryl was very flexible as far as arranging a meet up between my husband and me with her. Considering that both of us work outside the country very often, she was willing to be very flexible with her schedule as well. Make sure to be ready to make your own ceremony programme with the papers you want as she will only give you the timeline. Thanks, Rev. Caryl! We had a wonderful ceremony and you're a big part of it.

Brendon and Scott,  5.29.16

5 stars

My husband and I had such a positive experience with Silent Light Ministries. From the beginning, Rev. Caryl was a pleasure to work with. We had a meeting with her several months before our ceremony where we discussed some ideas and wording choices. She is just such an enjoyable person to talk to. We knew we wanted something in our ceremony that was tangible, and she had some great ideas that were so much more than your typical unity candle/sand. She then sent us a draft almost right away with our ceremony script included. It was just wonderful. She really listened to what we wanted and ended up giving us the most beautiful and memorable ceremony I could imagine. I recommend Silent Light to everyone looking for an officiant. She truly is the best!

Alexis and Joshua, 5.15.16

5 stars

My husband and I could not have been happier with Reverend Swahn. From the moment we met her, she was kind, attentive, open minded and flexible. I was concerned about finding an officiate for our wedding as my husband is Christian but I am atheist. Reverend Swahn was simply lovely. She took the time to get to know both my husband and I before she wrote the first draft of the ceremony. We were also very involved in the editing process and all of our wishes were incorporated before the final version. On the wedding day she was attentive and calm soothing my nerves considerably. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to make their day special.

Andrea and James, 10.25.15

4.8 stars

As soon as we met Caryl my husband and I knew that she was the perfect fit for us. She helped create a personal, funny, and touching ceremony that both matched our offbeat sensibilities and also respected the more traditional values of our respective families. She helped us incorporate my late parents in a way that was touching and appropriate instead of somber or sad. HIGHLY recommend her to all couples looking for an officiant!

Hayley and David, 9.19.15

5 stars

I can't say enough about Reverend Caryl. She really is very attentive to you during the whole process. I felt like she wanted to make the ceremony fit our needs and be special to us. We had no idea where to start and she made it a breeze. She pushed us to do a reading which I'm so happy she did. But she was flexible when we didn't want to do certain things or wanted to change them slightly. I had a huge number of guests come up to me after the ceremony saying how much they loved the ceremony, how personal it was, and how much they liked Reverend Caryl. I also love that through many email exchanges she shared personal information about herself and the trips she was on. It made me feel like we were getting to know each other rather than her just providing a service. She has a great accent too! :) You really can't go wrong with getting her to handle your ceremony.

Vira and Elliott, 8.17.15

5 stars

Silentlight Ministers (Caryl) was always our first choice to officiate our wedding. I knew she was perfect when I saw her officiate my cousin’s wedding. Our wedding planning process was filled with all the normal craziness of bringing together two families, but Caryl helped us stay focused on the our ceremony and our commitment. 

Caryl met with to discuss our hopes for our wedding ceremony. My fiancé and I has a tall order for Caryl. We needed a ceremony that represented us (we’re agnostic) but didn't offend our religious families. We wanted something short and sweet, but meaningful and profound. We had special requests to honor our parents, involve the wedding attendees, and incorporate a whole gaggle of children in our wedding party. The ceremony development was an iterative process where we exchanged drafts back and forth to comment on edits and subtractions. She’s really wanted us to have a ceremony that best reflected our commitment. She really encouraged us to write our own vows, but we’re loved the traditional ones but we used a lot of unique readings to show our own flair. 

Caryl was the most brilliant during our wedding. We had a traditional engagement the night before and our nerves were running high. She found us a quiet room to sit together and take breath before the festivities. On the day of our wedding, Caryl played double duty as a wedding planner. My mom and I thought we’d thought of everything, but inevitably on the day of there were several small details we’d forgotten (like where to put the speakers during the ceremony ) At this point, Caryl helped clear up everything that involved the wedding ceremony. 

The ceremony went off without a hitch. It was beautiful and meaningful and brought many guests to tears. All our discussions beforehand made the ceremony pitch perfect. After all was said and done, she stayed and celebrated with us during our reception. 

I can’t recommend Caryl enough.

Jesica, 10.21.14

5 stars

Throughout the entire wedding planning process, the one thing that I really dreaded was finding someone to lead us through our wedding ceremony. Someone that would bring a spark to the ceremony, help us calm our nerves and really engage everyone during this monumental moment as we start our life together. 

I wanted someone that complimented our lifestyle and the aesthetics of our wedding. Someone who spoke with enthusiasm and spunk. 

We knew Caryl would fit the bill from the first time we met her. She was eager to learn about our love story, she listened to our ideas for our ceremony and helped us develop a script that spoke from our hearts. And most importantly, she never once made us feel like we were just another paycheck. A genuine soul that ensures you get what you want for your wedding day. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is!

Rochelle 9.13.14

5 stars

Our officiant, Rev. Caryl was absolutely perfect for our ceremony. It was heartfelt and was exactly what we wanted for our outdoor wedding. Rev. Caryl was professional and sweet and was the perfect person to marry us. Thank you for making our day a memorable one!

Kristen 8.23.14

5 stars

Rev. Caryl was an excellent officiant and we highly recommend her. We met her about 5 months before our wedding and she was great in that she had a plan and explained to us how the process works to get your ceremony script completed, but gave us complete flexibility in what we wanted to include. She offered great ideas and left the final choices up to us. She was always very responsive and so kind when she sent us reminders which was great because as a busy bride you do forget to do things sometimes and it's nice to have kind and gentle reminders. She was extremely sweet and polite at the rehearsal and on the wedding day. She was always smiling and calm and things just seemed to run smoothly with her. Her prices were also a good value as they were a bit less than some others in the area.

Maureen 4.5.14

5 stars

Caryl was absolutely amazing! She made the ceremony just wonderful. We didn't have a chance to meet up before the wedding due to conflict in schedules but she did a fantastic job creating a perfect ceremony with conversation via email. She took all our requests and integrated them so perfectly into the ceremony. She was very sweet and very personable. She helped make our special day perfect! Guests were talking about how much of a lovely job she did the entire night. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect officiant for their special day!!

Vanessa 11.2.13

5 stars

We recently got married in November and Rev. Caryl Jones-Swahn was our officiant. From the first time we met her we knew that she would make our wedding ceremony special and full of love. She really got to know us and was able to create a ceremony with those personal touches that made it perfect for us. Her beautiful British accent made it even more magical. Our wedding guests loved the ceremony and became instant fans of Rev. Caryl. She definitely knows what she is doing. We highly recommend her for your special event.

Lindsay 10.19.13

5 stars

We recently got married in November and Rev. Caryl Jones-Swahn was our officiant. From the first time we met her we knew that she would make our wedding ceremony special and full of love. She really got to know us and was able to create a ceremony with those personal touches that made it perfect for us. Her beautiful British accent made it even more magical. Our wedding guests loved the ceremony and became instant fans of Rev. Caryl. She definitely knows what she is doing. We highly recommend her for your special event.

Bridget and Bruce Tuttle 09.28.13

5 stars

From the moment we sat down with Rev. Caryl, we both knew we had found not only our officiant, but had added another member to our family; and that is exactly how Rev. Caryl treated us every step along the way! We could not have been more blessed than to meet such a lovely and caring individual, going out of her way to provide us with an extremely personal and warm experience throughout.

Experience and professionalism aside, Caryl not only listened to what we wanted out of a ceremony, but went out of her way to ensure that each moment was a personal memento for us to cherish during the "day of". Any questions that we have were immediately answered, as were her responses when drafting and redrafting our vows, making sure to craft the exact flow of words that truly expressed us. This, coupled with her own ideas and personal touches, made for a wonderful and peaceful experience that will not be forgotten!

We have already told many of our friends about Caryl and cannot wait to hear their feedback. Thank you again for such a lovely and personal ceremony!

-Bridgette & Bruce Tuttle

Lauren 6.1.13

5 stars

I recently worked with Rev. Caryl for a wedding I planned and I have to say, she did a phenomenal job! She really listened to what the bride and groom wanted for their ceremony and made it so personal and sweet. Being one of the nicest ladies I've met, I would most certainly recommend her to anyone getting married. She truly listens to your wants and needs and was so pleasurable to work with.

Christina 11.24.12

4.9 stars

Rev. Caryl was the perfect fit for us on our special day. We appreciate all you did!!

User 2653900

5 stars

Look no further for your wedding officiant! Rev. Caryl from Silentlight Ministers was amazing in every way. We were very pleased with her flexibility and professionalism and she worked hard to determine the type of service we wanted. She is a very warm and caring person who makes you feel comfortable immediately. Choose Rev. Caryl for your service and she will not disappoint!
Thank you!!

Brandy 8.11.12

5 stars

Rev. Caryl Jones Swahn created a ceremony that was perfect for us and our families. She takes the time to learn what you and your fiancé are about and what you want to be said and turns it into somthing amazing. She considers your religious beliefs and doesn't push for anything more than exactly what you want. She is incredibly kind, professional, and wise. I was very impressed by her and would recommend her to anyone. Our day would not have been as perfect without her :)

Genevieve 7.21.12

4.4 stars

M. Caryl Jones-Swahn did an excellent job officiating our wedding. We are of mixed faith and she made both of us happy while keeping the readings neutral.

Thank you so much!

Karen 6.9.07

4.9 stars

Ms. Jones-Swahn made this wedding magical! Such a beautiful day and beautiful setting. The service was tailored perfectly, and the ceremony went off without a hitch. As Grandparents of the young groom we hosted the wedding and were delighted with the outcome.

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