Silentlight Ministers are graduates of the Silentlight International Spiritual Science School which is dedicated to teaching comparative religion, philosophy and service to humanity. They are trained and experienced in the compassionate administration of the Holy Sacraments. Each sacrament is personalized to accommodate the needs of the individuals, couples and family they serve.

Rev. Evelyn Garcia has been performing wedding ceremonies and other rituals of celebration since her ordination in 2004. “I consider it an honor to be a part of such special events in people’s lives. Performing ceremony, with caring and intention, enhances and enriches the lives of everyone who is involved. It is a beautiful thing.” In addition of being an officiate, Evelyn also serves the community as a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and artist. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Studies. She welcomes any and all inquiries to be of service.

Rev. Marcia George was ordained in 1987 by the Baltimore Spiritual Science School, and has vast experience officiating for wedding couples. She officiates for various ceremonies—traditional, nondenominational, Celtic, etc.—using words chosen by the coupleReverend Marcia's goal is to create a beautiful wedding ceremony that reflects the views, love and commitment of the bride and groom. After meeting the wedding couple at a ‘non-obligation’ interview, she prepares personalized wedding vows which include beautiful rituals and readings for the wedding ceremony. Rev. Marcia is a professional astrologer and author of the Seven Destiny Astrology Newsletter which can be viewed at

Rev. Sha Gomez: I am often asked what made me decide to become a Reverend and I would have to answer that I have been walking to this place all my life, it feels like coming home. It was what I have grown into that has always resided in me. My purpose with this knowledge has yet to unfold itself to me, but I have faith that I am where am supposed to be doing the daily tasks of service. It is important to me that humanity recuperates from the centuries of wrongdoing to lead us to a much more harmonious world. I believe that my work and constant conscious effort to become a better person and my continuous assistants of helping others is slowly bringing into manifestation the purpose of my true calling.

Rev. Caryl Jones-Swahn considers it a privilege to be an officiant for couples on their wedding day and works diligently to create a beautiful service that reflects the love they have for each other and the commitment they are choosing to make to spend the rest of their lives together. Since her ordination from the Silentlight International Spiritual Science School in 2004, she has participated in countless weddings, and looks forward to working with couples to ensure their wedding is a magical experience they will remember forever. 

Rev. Susan Taylor was ordained in 2002 by the Silentlight International Spiritual Science School , a four year program.  She is experienced in officiating for all sacred rituals of the Holy Sacraments.  Each personalized to accommodate the needs of the individuals, couples and families she servers. She has conducted ceremonies for all religious and marital backgrounds, including Celtic Handfasting, non religious, interfaith, Buddhist and Muslin ceremonies. Baptism/Christenings/Naming Ceremonies, and House Blessings/Cleansing as well.
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